We continuously improve our processes in line with customer demands and expectations and aim to establish long-term relationship with our customers.

If you want to evaluate our products and services, you can send them to us by downloading and filling out the questionnaire form below.

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As AĞAOĞLU Aviation and Defense Industry Ltd. Sti., we aim to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level in our services. For this purpose, our complaint management process is implemented. Our customers complaints are evaluated and resolved objectively and impartially in order to evaluate the complaint applications in matters that they do not find sufficient in meeting the requests and needs of our customers.

All complaints sent to Ağaoğlu Aviation and Defense Industry Ltd. Sti. via phone, fax, e-mail and the Complaint Notification Form on our company's website are recorded and evaluated objectively, and impartially.

After the content of the complaint is evaluated, it is decided whether Ağaoğlu Aviation and Defense Industry Ltd. Sti. is within the area of ​​responsibility. Complaints under the responsibility of Ağaoğlu Aviation and Defense Industry Ltd. Sti. are evaluated by the relevant Ağaoğlu Aviation and Defense Industry personnel and the necessary action for resolution is decided. The action to be taken for the resolution of the complaint is implemented as planned, and the complaint is closed. The customer is informed about the process of handling the complaints and the decision.

It is aimed to resolve complaints within 3 business days at the latest. However, if the complaint is of a matter that cannot be resolved within 3 business days, the customer is informed.


The information, documents and records obtained during the handling of complaints are confidential and are not given to third parties under any circumstances. If Ağaoğlu Aviation and Defense Industry Ltd. Sti.  has to provide information to third parties due to legal requirements, We inform the customer of this situation.

Complaint Notification Form

You can send your complaint to us via the link above or through the communication channels we share below.


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Telephone: +90 216 527 18 18

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